Our Incredible Kosher Sailing Adventures

This is not a cruise where you will be waited on hand and foot…. rather it’s an active adventure when you can help the skipper and be a team-member when we anchor, moor, raise the sails, wash down the decks, fill the water tanks or make the cocktails for happy hour! You can take turns on watch when we are underway and slice and fry the onions . You can learn about sails, navigation, the wind, tying knots and can ask as many questions as you want.

Sailing is an amazing experience when you can get up close with nature…. you can choose how to split your time between being on the boat, in the water or on land.

We want sailing to be more accessible to those who keep kosher and shabbat and we offer a range of kosher sailing trips in the Mediterranean and the Seychelles which are personal, fun, educational and relaxing.

Kosher Sailing Seychelles
Kosher Sailing Sicily

The kitchen on the catamaran is kosher and we take turns to cook on board or opt for a private chef. Due to space limitations, we usually cook milky and vegetarian and try and get hold of fresh fish most days but often there is an option of meat as well. Read more about our kashrut policy here.

The catamarans we choose for kosher sailing usually have between 4 and 6 cabins with en-suite bathrooms for 8 to 12 people. You can come as a family, organize a group of friends or join one of our groups and make new friends from all over the world.

Sicily Volcano Sailing

Aeolian Islands Kosher Sailing

The Spectacular Volcanos of the Aeolian Islands

In the Aeolian Islands in the north of Sicily, you’ll find 7 volcanos of which 2 are active. During our 7 day volcano sailing adventure, we will visit most of the islands and not only see incredible Stromboli which has been erupting every 5 to 20 minutes for thousands of years, but have the opportunity to climb it!

Our home is a gorgeous catamaran with 4 double rooms with ensuite bathrooms. She has air conditioning, generates her own electricity and has a kosher kitchen,  water toys and most importantly an espresso maker!

On Shabbat we’ll be tied up at a marina on Lipari, the main island, and in the afternoon, a local tour guide will show us around this historic town. The rest of the time we will be visiting the other islands and will be walking, swimming, sailing, diving, eating, drinking and volcano watching. Read more…

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Custom Sailing Holidays

For now, we are focused on Sicily and the Seychelles, but we will be delighted to arrange custom sailing trips for you in Europe in the summer and the Seychelles in the winter. The Seychelles offer an incredible sailing experience around a tropical paradise. Please contact us for more details.

For our discerning clients, we also offer kosher superyacht charter in various locations in Europe on some of the most exclusive yachts available. These fully crewed yachts offer gourmet cuisine, five star service, water toys, jacuzzis and a range of other ways of keeping you busy and entertained. Typically with 4 to 10 cabins, these superyachts are the ultimate in luxury, fun and relaxation. Read More…

Kosher Super Yacht

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Kosher Sailing Sails

Our skipper will be happy to teach you about sailing and you will need to help raise the sails, lower the fenders, tie off the mooring lines or drop the anchor. You’ll have fun, learn and be a great help since the skipper can’t do everything himself! We’ll teach you about knots (both how to tie a knot and why speed is measured in knots), reefs, winches, compasses, latitudes, longitudes and more!

Dive, Snorkel and SUP

Jump off the boat in sparkling coves to snorkel and we can organize scuba diving even if you’ve never tried it before. Fins, snorkels and masks are on the boat for you to use and if we dive, we only use authorized and professional diving centers who keep the highest safety standards.

Most boats include a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) so you can try your hand at balancing and paddling in crystal clear waters.

Hiking and touring

We have the freedom to drop anchor or moor anywhere we wish to allow you to climb a hill, tour a town, hire a bicycle or drink a beer in a local tavern. Tour guides can be organized and many of the coves or harbors where we tie up are peaceful and off the beaten track.

Typical Catamaran Layout

Frequently Asked Questions About Kosher Sailing

On The Boat

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Logistics & Booking

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Kashrut & Shabbat

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About Us and Kosher Sailing

We are based in Israel and while we enjoy our wonderful beaches, we realized that we are missing out on all the Mediterranean has to offer. It touches our shores but is underused and underrated!

After qualifying as a skipper and sailing the seas around Israel, we cast our net wider and started chartering catamarans in the Mediterranean. This is a fantastic way of traveling within the framework of keeping kosher because the catamaran has its own kitchen yet can be taken to the most beautiful parts of the Med.

As the word started to spread and friends and family wanted to join us on our adventures, we decided to offer kosher sailing in the Med to a wider audience. We are a family business in Israel working with partners around the Mediterranean to bring an amazing and unforgettable sailing experience to the kosher world!

Warren Marland

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We will be sailing in Sicily from May 2023.. Let us know when you'd like to come along!

For custom itineraries and locations, we’re here to organize whatever you need.

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Kosher Sailing in Greece, Italy, Croatia or the Seychelles, each itinerary is tailored to you. If a particular cove or town looks inviting, lets change the plans and go and check it out!