The Spectacular Amalfi Coast

We hope you choose to join us on an exciting adventure in Italy along the Amalfi coast. Volcanos both dormant and active await you and this region is truly spectacular. You can hike up mountains, swim in sparkling blue water and watch amazing sunsets. We offer 7 day tours including visits to Capri, Ischia and Procida or longer 12 day tours when we can travel down the West Coast of Italy and over to the Aeolian islands. Here is all the information you need to move forward with your booking. Please use the button on the right to fill in the form below to start the booking process or contact us in the chat box or by mail with any questions.


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Stuff To Keep in Mind!

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  • Our embarkation point is Salerno, in South West Italy easily accessible from Naples, Bari or even Rome International Airports.
  • Although many of our trips will be NW to Capri, Ischia and Sorrento, the weather or the super-crowded summer season may mean we decide to sail South along the coast… Just as spectacular.. but a different direction! This could be a last minute decision.
  • Apart from Shabbat, we may not be moored in marinas and you can expect to spend a number of nights anchored in bays or tied up to buoys when we use the dinghy to get to shore.
  • Weather and sea conditions will always affect our progress and our itinerary which may change at any time.
  • This is given as a guide only and additional or replacement stops will be planned as necessary to meet the conditions of the area or the requests from the crew.

7 Day Tours

12 Day Tours

Welcome to Your Home

Welcome to your home for your 7/12 days with us. A stunning catamaran with 4 double cabins and a single with 2 bunks for crew or kids. Each cabin has its own en-suite bathroom and shower and the boat is just under 15m long and 8m wide. The expansive salon and flybridge provide ample room to spread out. You can find a quiet area to read or just relax with your Happy Hour drink and watch the sunset. The boat is fully air conditioned and has its own generator and water maker (the actual boat and number of cabins may differ from this one).

Italy Catamaran

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 – Salerno

After arrival at Salerno, you’ll be shown your cabin and get a thorough safety briefing and tour of the boat.

When everyone has settled in, we’ll leave the marina for a short 1.5 hour sailing to the Amalfi where we will stay overnight, enjoying our first views of sunset on the Amalfi coast and sipping our Happy Hour cocktails.

Salerno Panorama

Day 2 – Amalfi

Waking up in Amalfi, we can go for a walk through the town, visiting museums or exploring the alleys, and we can hike up to the Torre dello Ziro viewpoint. Amalfi, a town in a spectacular natural setting below great cliffs, was the seat of a powerful maritime republic between the 9th and 11th centuries. The cathedral of Sant Andrea in the heart of the town, with its striped Byzantine façade, survives from this period. There are also interesting places to visit such as the Arsenale Amalfi museum, which is a medieval shipyard converted into an exhibition space.

The small haven of Amalfi village with the tiny beach and colorful houses, located on the rock, Amalfi coast, Italy.

Day 3 – Capri

Capri is one of the most popular destinations on our itinerary and we can anchor our boat in the southern part. Capri is famous for its rugged landscape, exclusive hotels and shops selling products ranging from designer clothes to limoncello and handmade leather sandals. One of its most famous natural sites is the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue, the result of sunlight shining through an underwater cave. Capri’s spectacular coastline, full of inlets, is ideal for visiting by boat and we will visit the famous Faraglioni rock formations.

The Faraglioni Rocks Capri

Day 4 – Ischia

Ischia is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples known for its mineral-rich thermal waters which spring up on the beach of Maronti in the south. To the east, Roman remains lie under the seabed at Cartaromana beach. The beach overlooks the medieval Aragonese castle, linked to Ischia by a stone bridge and we may anchor to the South of the castle overnight.

Aragon castle.

Day 5 – Procida

Procida is the smallest Island off the mainland and the Bay of Naples’ best-kept secret. You can wander through the amazing pastel painted town whilst enjoying the wonderful fragrance of nearby lemon groves. Ideal for exploring by foot, you can wander through the sun-drenched streets before enjoying a sunset aperitif by the Marina Grande.


Day 6 – Sorrento

Famed for its sea cliffs, the town’s steep slopes look out over azure waters to Ischia, Capri and the Bay of Naples. Tour the town, visit the museums, look down at the Il Vallone dei Mulini and hike to the top of Punta del Capo. If Pompeii and Vesuvius are on your agenda during our trip, we can get there from here.

The historic centre is a maze of narrow alleyways that is home to the Chies di San Francesco, a 14th century church. Ideal for a stroll after a day’s sailing.


Day 7 – Positano – Salerno

Positano is a charming cliff-side village well-known for its steep narrow streets facing the beach. Summers there are long, hot and sunny. You can visit iconic sites such as Amalfi Drive, a road with breathtaking views of the coast that runs along the stretch between the towns of Sorrento and Amalfi, or the beach of Fornillo, with crystal clear waters and a restaurant right on the beach.

If you have opted for the 7 day tour, we will arrive back at Salerno for a debriefing, a final le’chaim and disembarkation to continue your Italian holiday on land or fly home.

Positano at Sunset

Days 8 – 12 – Continuing to the Aeolian Islands

If you have selected to stay with us for 12 days, weather permitting, we will sail overnight to the Aeolian Islands waking up before dawn to watch the spectacular fireworks of Stromboli. We will then continue to one or two other Aeolian Islands time permitting before making our way North up the Italian coast back to Salerno. You can read more about the Aeolian Islands on our Sicily Aeolian Islands Tour page.

Kosher Sailing Booking Form

We’re looking forward to raising the sails and dropping the anchor with you! We’ll be leaving Athens every Tuesday from Tisha B’Av to Rosh Hashana and will be delighted to have you join us. Remember that the basic package is for self-catering with a skipper only but our chef and hostess can be added to make it a truly memorable and pampering week.

These are some creations from chef Eitan in Sicily last year. He will be joining us for some of our trips in Athens this year as well..

Booking Form

Please fill in the details below. Your booking will not be final until we receive a deposit and you receive confirmation by email.

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

  • 50% payable immediately to secure the booking.
  • 50% balance payable 60 days before departure
  • If the second payment is not forthcoming, we reserve the right not to refund the initial 50% deposit (see below)

Refunds and cancellation:

  • No refunds can be given, however in the event you need to cancel, we will make every reasonable effort to find someone to take your place. If no one is found, or if a discount needs to be offered to fill the place, you will be reimbursed proportionally.
  • In the unlikely event that we need to cancel, we will offer you the option to rebook for a different trip subject to our future plans or you will be entitled to a full refund.

Shabbat accommodation:

  • Shabbat accommodation off the boat is not included.
  • We will always do our best to find a suitable mooring for shabbat but due to weather conditions or crowded marinas/ports this cannot be guaranteed. We will always ensure that should you wish to be off the boat for shabbat, that you can disembark and make your way to a hotel or AirBnB of your choice.

Travel to/from the base:

  • We are not responsible for any travel arrangements to or from the marina that will be our base. This is at your own expense.
  • We sail on time! It is your responsibility to arrive at the appointed sailing day and time. If you are late, you will need to find ferry or boat transportation to catch up with us!
  • Your participation in our sailing trip will only be finalized and confirmed after the deposit has been paid and you receive written confirmation of your acceptance as a crew member. We urge you not to book flights or make travel plans until you receive this from us.
  • Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the weather and sometimes there may be delays or changes in schedule according to the conditions.


  • There are no formal age limitations of who can be on board, however for the comfort of everyone, we do not encourage you to bring babies or toddlers who may decide to climb over the rail and jump in the water when unattended!
  • Please talk to us if you wish to bring children under 8 years old and we will decide together if this is appropriate and safe for everyone.

Health and fitness:

  • In order to come sailing with us, you need to be able to swim and to be reasonably fit.
  • The level of fitness expected would be for you to be able to climb into a dinghy and row a short distance to shore.


  • You will receive an extensive safety briefing when you come on board and before we set sail.
  • We only use boats which meet all international safety standards and are equipped with a life raft, flares, life belts and all other safety equipment required by the regulations.
  • You are required to obey the skipper’s commands at all times as relating to safety on board.


  • The boat is insured by the charter company and the skipper has additional insurance.
  • You are required to purchase travel insurance that includes rescue at sea and emergency evacuation from sea (in the event of a medical emergency). Standard travel insurance policies may not cover this.
  • You will be responsible for any damage you cause to the boat either directly or indirectly to the sum of €5000 or according to the insurance policy conditions of the boat, whichever is higher. You will also be charged by us for any time and costs we incur to resolve the incident.

Shabbat & Kashrut:

  • There is no mashgiach on board.
  • All kashrut policies will be explained and all questions answered prior to payment.
  • Every effort will be made to meet specific requests for kashrut but no guarantees can be made.