Stromboli rises from the seabed to a height of 2400 meters, 924 of which are above sea level. The island covers 12.5 sq. km and is 25 times smaller than the volcano’s submarine base. Stromboli is one of the world’s most visited volcanoes due to the relative accessibility of its summit area on foot, and its constant state of activity.

We’ll reach Stromboli in the afternoon, and after you get your backpacks ready with water, snacks and warm clothes, you’ll climb into the dinghy to go ashore where you’ll first visit the trekking equipment hire store to get kitted out with boots, a torch/flashlight, sticks and any other equipment you feel you need (sticks). You’ll then go to Magmatrek who will be your guides and you’ll be given a helmet and will set off 2 hours before sunset to start climbing Stromboli.

Climbing Stromboli

In 2019, access was restricted to 290m because of increased volcanic activity but it is hoped that this year, the limit may be increased to 400m. At sunset, you’ll arrive at the permitted elevation and enjoy the incredible views across the Aeolian Islands and as darkness descends, you’ll be able to appreciate Stromboli’s fireworks and power.

After a suitable rest time, you’ll start your 2 hours descent back to the town and our dinghy which will be waiting to take you back to the boat for a well earned cocktail, dinner and rest.

Note that the trails are particularly steep, and temperatures can be hot in the summer months, so this is suitable for trekkers in good physical condition. The climb is not suitable for people with a known heart condition, asthma, people who suffer from vertigo or children under the age of 10 years.