5 Glorious Days Sailing in Cyprus

We hope you choose to join us for 5 days of sailing from Sunday to Friday on the Southern coast of Cyprus. Crystal clear water, shipwrecks and amazing rock formations await you and if you love diving, there are ample opportunities to explore the undersea life and the wrecks. Departing almost every week, two 2020 Lagoon 40 catamarans will sleep up to 8 people and the galley is fully koshered for your visit. Below you will find all the information you need to move forward with your booking. Please use the button on the right to fill in the form below to start the booking process or contact us in the chat box or by mail with any questions.


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Stuff To Keep in Mind!

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  • We offer only full boat charters for up to 8 people with a skipper. It is up to you how many of the cabins you fill and the skipper would be grateful to have one rather than having to sleep on the sofa in the salon!
  • This is self-catering and you will need to purchase provisions on your arrival.
  • Everything on the boat is included other than food.
  • Our embarkation point is Limassol in Cyprus which is easily accessible from Paphos or Larnaca International Airports and transfer to/from the airport is included for your group.
  • Whether we go East or West depends on the weather. We will update you before we leave on the planned itinerary.
  • We may not always be moored in marinas and you can expect to spend a night or 2 anchored in bays when we use the dinghy to get to shore.
  • Weather and sea conditions will always affect our progress and our itinerary which may change at any time.
  • We leave Limassol on Sunday and return Thursday evening in time for your departure on Friday morning. You will have 5 nights on the boat.

Points of interest during your trip

Welcome to Your Home

Welcome to your beautiful Lagoon 40 catamaran which will be your home while you are with us. Two stunning 2020 catamarans are available, each with 4 double cabins and 2 or 4 bathrooms. The 2 bathroom version has separate shower cubicles and the 4 bathroom version has wet bathrooms where the entire bathroom becomes the shower. The boat is 11.74m long and has a water maker, generator, air conditioning, 2 fridges, a stove, oven and microwave. This is all you need for a perfect holiday in Cyprus. If you come with 8 people, the skipper will sleep in the salon on the sofabed but in this case, it is recommended to take the 2 bathroom version so that everyone, including the skipper has access to a bathroom.

Lagoon 40 Limassol

Place to Visit and Things to Do

Governor’s Beach

The name Governor’s Beach derives from a former British governor who spent much of his time sunning himself here, such were the onerous demands of high office. The beach is almost equidistant between Limassol and Larnaca and is 2 km long, with sandy beaches and deep crystal waters.

Wreck Diving

The Cypriot coast offers a treasure trove of diving opportunities for both experience divers and novices. If you are interested in us organizing a diving excursion, please let us know and we will do our best to organize it for you.

Of particular interest is the Zenobia wreck lying in 16-42m right off the coast by Larnaca


Paphos (Pafos) , a city rich in history & culture, is a gem of western Cyprus. Set high on a cliff above the sparkling sea, it is known for its dramatic Byzantine castle and fine mosaics, and also as the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. It proudly boasts the remains of villas, palaces, theatres, fortresses and tombs that belong to Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Paphos, roughly divided into Old Paphos and New Paphos, is famous for its white-sand beaches and landmarks. It was a significant port during Roman times and today is a fascinating mix of old and new.

Blue Lagoon

In the North West of Cyprus, the Akamas area which until the year 2000 was used by the British Army for military exercises and as a firing range is now a Nature Reserve. It is one of the most isolated yet beautiful beaches in Cyprus with magical views. Its crystal clear waters are particularly warm due to the extensive shallows and the overall effect is breathtaking.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa at the South Eastern end of the island is probably a little too far away for a 5 day trip but if you choose to stay longer, is a spectacular place to visit.

It offers history, culture, beaches, diving, hikes and spectacular rock formations along its coast as well as a Sculpture Park on its shores.

Rock arch. Ayia Napa


Larnaca is the third biggest city in Cyprus after Nicosia and Limassol and is rich in culture, history and nature. The Larnaca Salt Lake is a huge expanse of water populated by pink flamingos and west of the city is the Larnaca Aqueduct. The fort, museums and city are all well worth exploring!


Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a popular tourist resort around 11km north of Paphos but for us it also can be a great place to anchor after the crowds have gone home and further north, we can see the remains of the EDRO III which ran aground in 2011.

Coral Bay

Booking form for Cyprus

We’re looking forward to meeting you in Cyprus. We depart every Sunday between 1st May and up 18th September.

Price (All prices are per week per boat for up to 8 people)

  • May: €6750
  • June 1 – 20 and Sept 1 to 18: €7650
  • June 20 – September 1: €8450

The price includes the boat charter with dinghy and outboard, a skipper for 5 days, a Stand Up Paddleboard, transfer to/from Paphos or Larnaca airport, wifi and fuel/mooring.

You will be paying for your flights to/from Limassol and for food and drink. You will also be expected to provide meals for the skipper. This is a self-catering vacation.

A seabob can be rented for the week for an additional €450 + deposit.

Booking Form

Please fill in the details below. Your booking will not be final until we receive a deposit and you receive confirmation by email.

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

  • 50% payable immediately to secure the booking.
  • 50% balance payable 30 days before departure
  • If the second payment is not forthcoming, we reserve the right not to refund the initial 50% deposit (see below)

Refunds and cancellation:

  • No refunds can be given however in the event of you needing to cancel, we will make every reasonable effort to find someone to take your place. If no one is found, or if a discount needs to be offered to fill the place, you will be reimbursed proportionally.

Travel to/from Limassol:

  • We are not responsible for any travel arrangements to or from Limassol. This is at your own expense however transfer to/from the airport is included.
  • Your participation in our sailing trip will only be finalized and confirmed after the deposit has been paid and you receive written confirmation of your acceptance as a crew member. We urge you not to book flights or make travel plans until you receive this from us.
  • Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the weather and sometimes there may be delays or changes in schedule according to the conditions.


  • There are no formal age limitations of who can be on board however for the comfort of everyone, we do not encourage you to bring babies or toddlers who may decide to climb over the rail and jump in the water when unattended!
  • Please talk to us if you wish to bring children under 8 years old and we will decide together if this is appropriate and safe for everyone.

Health and fitness:

  • In order to come sailing with us, you need to be able to swim and to be reasonably fit.
  • The level of fitness expected would be for you to be able to climb into a dinghy and row a short distance to shore.
  • For everyone’s safety we require that all passengers be up to date with their COVID vaccinations.


  • You will receive an extensive safety briefing when you come on board and before we set sail.
  • We only use boats which meet all international safety standards and are equipped with a life raft, flares, life belts and all other safety equipment required by the regulations.
  • You are required to obey the skipper’s commands at all times as relating to safety on board.


  • The boat is insured by the charter company and the skipper has additional insurance.
  • You are encouraged to purchase travel insurance that includes rescue at sea and emergency evacuation from sea (in the event of a medical emergency). Standard travel insurance policies may not cover this.
  • You will be responsible for any damage you cause to the boat either directly or indirectly to the sum of €5000 or according to the insurance policy conditions of the boat, whichever is higher. You will also be charged by us for any time and costs we incur to resolve the incident.


  • The boat is milky (חלבי) only.
  • All kashrut policies will be explained and all questions answered to your satisfaction prior to booking.