Although the layout of different catamarans are not all the same, in general they are from 12 to 18 meters long and 7 to 10 meters wide and are divided into a number of living areas:

  • Each of the 2 hulls contains 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms which you access via stairs that go down from the indoor living area.
  • The indoor living area includes a kitchen, a dining/sitting area and a pilot’s table which usually includes electronic instruments and communication equipment and a space to roll out charts.
  • The outdoor area at the stern (back of the boat) includes a covered sitting area and dining area. It also includes the 2 platforms used to enter/exit the water or dinghy or to step onto the quay in port.
  • The outdoor area at the bow (front of the boat) includes a seating area and trampolines which are the netting at the front of the boat between the 2 hulls.
  • Going up a floor, the pilot’s station is where the captain pilots the boat and controls the sails and behind him/her or to the side there are usually lounging/sitting areas.

This 3 floor configuration offers ample space for everyone to find a quiet corner to watch the sunset or to get together for breakfast, dinner or evening drinks!

Most of the catamarans we use are equipped with:

  • Air conditioning (not for use when under sail)
  • Generator/Inverter for 200V power
  • USB power connectors
  • Water maker (desalinator)
  • Nespresso coffee maker
  • Gas oven and stove/hob
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Wifi