In cooperation with the Filicudi WildLife Conservation, we are pleased to offer guided eco-tours of Filicudi one of the islands in the Aeolian. The Filicudi Wildlife Conservation is a non-profit association aimed at studying and conserving the marine resources of the Aeolian archipelago with particular regard to the populations of cetaceans and sea turtles through an integrated program of concrete actions in the area.

They monitor and observe the marine fauna of the Aeolian Islands, protect cetaceans and sea turtles by collaborating with fishermen and the local community and are a point of reference for the recovery and rescue of marine animals in difficulty throughout the Aeolian.

Their marine biologists can join us for half or full day sea and/or land tours of Filicudi including snorkeling, education and trekking across the island. They offer the following tours:

Filicudi Wildlife Conservation
  1. Half day boat tour of the island with snorkeling in the best places and explanations about geology and wild nature.
  2. Trekking + snorkeling with a marine biologist with explanations of geology and nature.
  3. Snorkeling in Pecorini with a marine biologist
  4. Dolphin Watching half day tour

On each trip, we will also visit the Turtle Point sea turtle Emergency Room which is the reference center for all the Aeolian Islands where they rescue sea turtles found struggling or in difficulty while navigating around the islands!