We are delighted to offer a range of optional extras for your Kosher Sailing trip in Sicily this year. These include cycling up or around volcanos, diving, climbing Stromboli, enjoying a tour and talk on sea and land from a marine biologist with Filicudi Wildlife Conservation and Sicily Jewish Heritage Tours before or after your trip with us. We also present a sample menu from our chef in case you choose to take up that option. 

Sicily Private Chef Menu

Our standard Kosher Sailing trip assumes that the guests will all work together to cook the meals however we are delighted to be able to offer the option of a private chef for the [...]

  • Diving in Sicily

Aeolian Diving

The geology of each of the Aeolian Islands is of a traditional volcano cone which after it reaches the sea, drops to 1000 m or more in depth to the seabed. This makes for [...]

Aeolian Cycling Trips

Lipari and Vulcano offer fantastic cycling routes and mountain bikes, e-bikes and mopeds are available for rental. The nature of the volcanic islands means that routes are generally rated intermediate to difficult because all [...]

  • Taormina Magen David

Sicily Jewish Heritage Tours

We are pleased to offer Jewish Heritage and Sicily History tours by Moshe Ben Simon who was born and raised in Tel Aviv. After his military service in the Israeli army, Moshe moved to Sicily [...]

  • Stromboli

Climbing Stromboli

Stromboli rises from the seabed to a height of 2400 meters, 924 of which are above sea level. The island covers 12.5 sq. km and is 25 times smaller than the volcano’s submarine base. [...]

  • Filicudi Conservation

Filicudi Wildlife Conservation

In cooperation with the Filicudi WildLife Conservation, we are pleased to offer guided eco-tours of Filicudi one of the islands in the Aeolian. The Filicudi Wildlife Conservation is a non-profit association aimed at studying [...]